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TruColostrum® : Unleashing Optimal Performance Throughout Life's Journey


Colostrum Essentials 

Peak Performance at Every Stage of Life 

TruColostrum® is meticulously acquired from select USDA Grade A farms, adhering to rigorous ethical standards that prioritize the welfare of calves. Before collection, utmost care is taken to ensure that the calves are nourished adequately. Harvested within the critical first 24 hours of calving, this approach safeguards the preservation of its peak bioactive components.

Employing cutting-edge proprietary biopotent technology, the colostrum undergoes a meticulous and minimal processing method at low temperatures. This technique is specifically designed to retain the colostrum's original nutrient-rich essence, maintaining its integrity and maximizing its bioavailability.

Whole & Skim spec sheets
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lactoferrin, igg, colostrum, superfood, trucolostrum

Early Life

Nurturing Life from Day One

TC Whole, Skim

Infant Health & Wellness

During the crucial early stages of life, the incredible potency of colostrum's bioactive components unveils a realm of immense benefits. Nature intricately fashioned colostrum specifically to cater to these foundational moments. Its innate design aligns seamlessly with the unique needs of early life, offering a bounty of bioactive elements perfectly suited for optimal development.


At the heart of colostrum's prowess lies its remarkable antimicrobial properties, a natural gift that becomes a cornerstone in nurturing infants toward robust immune and digestive fortitude. By embracing colostrum during these formative phases, infants are bestowed with the invaluable tools necessary to foster resilience, laying a sturdy groundwork for enduring health and well-being that extends far into their future years.*

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Colostrum's Benefits for Adult Vitality

TC Whole, Skim

Gut Health, Skin Support, Immune System Support, Elderly Health and Cognitive Function 

For those navigating the journey of adult life and aiming to elevate their immune resilience and digestive well-being, nature's powerhouse, colostrum, emerges as an invaluable resource. Bursting with a rich repertoire of bioactive components, including the likes of IGF-1, Lactoferrin, and Lactoperoxidase, colostrum stands tall as a formidable combatant against microbial threats, fortifying the body's defense mechanisms effectively.


Moreover, individuals conscientious of their fat intake find solace in our specialized offerings of skim and lean colostrum varieties. These tailored options not only encapsulate the potency of colostrum's bioactive elements but also cater to diverse dietary preferences, ensuring a seamless integration of health-conscious choices into daily routines. Embrace the multifaceted benefits of colostrum, tailored to support your pursuit of robust immune strength and digestive harmony in the realm of adult.*


Colostrum's Performance Edge

TC Skim

Athletic Performance & Recovery 

Skim colostrum emerges as the optimal choice tailored specifically to cater to the needs of athletes aiming to enhance muscle growth and expedite their recovery process. Despite its reduced fat content, this specialized form remains a powerhouse of proteins, essential not just for fostering lean muscle development but also for fortifying the body's immune system and maintaining robust gastrointestinal health.

Athletes dedicated to achieving peak physical performance find a potent ally in lean colostrum. Beyond its role in fostering muscle recovery and growth, this variant acts as a comprehensive health booster, supplying a rich array of proteins that contribute significantly to reinforcing immunity while supporting digestive well-being. The amalgamation of high-quality, low-fat proteins within lean colostrum presents athletes with a unique opportunity to optimize their performance while prioritizing a holistic approach to their overall health and wellness.*

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Elevating Their Health and Happiness


Pet & Veterinarian

Whole colostrum undergoes minimal processing to safeguard and retain its potent immune-boosting properties intact. Introducing colostrum as a supplement in pet food serves as a catalyst in bolstering various aspects of your pet's health, encompassing immunity, digestion, and oral wellness.


By maintaining a minimal processing approach, the inherent immune-boosting prowess of colostrum remains uncompromised. When integrated into pet diets, this remarkable supplement acts as a vital support system for their well-being. It serves as a catalyst for reinforcing the immune system, ensuring optimal digestion, and even contributing to the enhancement of oral health.


Supplementing pet food with whole colostrum stands as an invaluable measure toward ensuring a holistic approach to pet care. Its role in fortifying immunity, facilitating healthy digestion, and promoting oral hygiene embodies a proactive step in nurturing the overall wellness and vitality of beloved furry companions.*

Diverse Applications

Endless Benefits and Possibilities
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